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Here is the list of veggies and what they are good for when you juice them that we discussed at our last MEETUP Group. Also, there are specific recipes for specific ailments at the bottom. Please note that the number next to the vegetable denotes the amount of ounces.

                Prostate- asparagus, carrot, beet, cucumber
                Rheumatism- asparagus
                Glandular issues, diabetes, anemia- asparagus
                Anemia- beet, carrot
                Menstrual issues- beet
                Liver cleanse- beet
                Menopause- beet
                Body building- carrot, beet, coconut
                Gall bladder and kidney cleanser- carrot, beet, coconut
                Gall stones, kidney stones, gall bladder sludge- carrot, beet, cucumber
Gall stones, kidney stones, prostate- 1 lemon per 1 cup of water 6 times a day + carrot, beet, cucumber 3-4x per day
Brussels sprouts
                Pancreatic function- brussel sprout, carrot, string bean, lettuce (and GI Broom)
                Duodenal ulcer- cabbage, carrot
Fat break down- 2-3 weeks of carrot, spinach then after 2-3 weeks add cabbage
Pyorrhea- cabbage, carrot
Constipation-- cabbage, carrot
Bone health, breast feeding, ulcers, cancer, fighting infection (eyes, throat, tonsils, sinus, respiratory) , strengthening adrenals, nervous system, gonads- carrot
Colon regeneration and cleanse- carrot, spinach

                Normalize body temperature, diseases of the nervous system- celery
                Multiple sclerosis, mental issues- carrot, celery
                Diuretic, normalize blood pressure- cucumber
                Hair growth, strengthen nails- cucumber, carrot, lettuce, spinach
                Rheumatic ailments, gout- cucumber, carrot, beet
Skin issues- cucumber, carrot, lettuce + alfalfa to speed up effect
                Increase alkalinity and decrease acidity- dandelion
                Strengthen bone during pregnancy- dandelion
                Blood tonic, improve cell function, aids in lung issues and benefits nervous system- dandelion
                Pyorrhea, bones and teeth- dandelion, carrot, turnip
                Eyes – endive, carrot, celery, parsley
                Asthma, hay fever- carrot, celery, parsley
                Anemia, functional heart issues, strengthen liver and gall bladder- endive, carrot, celery
                Blood builder, menstrual disorders- fennel, carrot, beet
Garlic, leek or onion
Cleansing the tissues and bowels, peristalsis, diuretic; intestinal parasites, dysentery; Mucus of the sinus, bronchial, lungs- garlic (onion or leek)
Horse radish (triturated only) with lemon juice (total dose ½ teaspoon)
                Sinus mucus and all other mucus issues of the body; diuretic, - Horse radish and lemon juice
                Mixture is 4 oz. to 4 lemons

Jerusalem artichoke-
                Potassium source , diabeties - Jerusalem artichoke, carrot
Kelp (poeder)
                Iodine, glands, especially thyroid- Kelp (powder) + carrot celery parsley spinach
Lettuce (not romaine)
                Blood loss, muscle issues, brain issues, nerves, lungs – lettuce, carrots
                Hair – carrots, spinach, lettuce
                PB, gastric issues, diuretic – lettuce
                Babies – lettuce, carrot
                Addison’s – romaine, beets, celery, spinach, swiss chard, carrots
Mustard green / water cress
                Hemorrhoids – mustard green, carrots, spinach, turnip
                Helps clot blood, ulcers, everything
Parsley – always mix
                Adrenals, thyroid, O2 metabolism, blood vessels, kidney bladder, dropsy
                Eyes (all issues) parsley, carrot, celery, endive
                Menstrual cramps- parsley, beet, carrot, cucumber
Potassium broth- best overall juice
                Carrot, celery, parsley, spinach
                Brittle nails, lungs, bronchioles, TB, pneumonia, brain and mental disorders,

Green pepper
                Nails, hair, tear ducts, sebaceous glands
                                + carrot- skin
                                + spinach- gas, colic
                Diabetes, skin- potato
                + carrot, celery, cucumber, beet- muscle. Nerves i.e. sciatica  

Hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism: these are both a form of toxemia as a result of the retention of body waste, the end products of metabolism or of digestion due to the over acidity.
            Carrot 10                       carrot  10                       carrot  10
            Spinach 6                       beet  3               celery    6
                                                Cucumber  3
                   Carrot 10                       Carrot 12                       Carrot 7                        
                          Spinach 6                     parsley 4                        Celery 4
                                                                                                Parsley 2
                                                                                                Spinach 3
Reflux more accurately known as acidosis-
Carrot 10                       Carrot  10                     
Spinach 6                       Beet     3           
                                    Cucumber  3                                                                                                                             

GI Issues
          Colic (gas, bloating), colitis:
                   Carrot 10                       Carrot  10                      Carrot 16          
Spinach 6                       Beet    3
                                    Cucumber  3
                   Carrot 10                       Carrot  10                      Spinach 16                     Carrot 16
Spinach 6                       Beet     3                                                                                                                                                 Cucumber  3
                   Carrot 16                       Carrot 4
                                                            Celery 4
                                                            Parsley 4
                                                            Spinach 4

Carrot 16                       Carrot 4             Celery 16
                                                            Celery 4
                                                            Parsley 4
                                                            Spinach 4

Carrot 10                       carrot  10                      
                        Spinach 6                       beet     3                       
                                                            Cucumber  3

Carrot 10                       Spinach 16         Carrot  10                     
                        Spinach 6                                                           Beet     3                       
                                                                                                Cucumber  3
Indigestion (use same formulas as gastritis) or:
                   Lemon juice in a glass of hot water

Benign tumors
          Brain, bone, liver, uterus
                   Carrot 8                  Carrot 10                 Carrot           Carrot
                   Spinach 4                Spinach 6                Beet                       Celery
                   Turnip 2                                              Cucumber                Parsley
                   Water-cress 2

          Fatty liver (and other organs)
                   Carrot 10                       Carrot  10                      Spinach 16                     Carrot 7
                        Spinach 6                       Beet  3                                                   Celery 5
                                                            Cucumber  3                                                      Spinach 4
          Carrot 10                 Carrot 16
          Spinach 6

          Carrot 10                       Carrot 4             Carrot 11                       carrot 10
            Spinach 6                       Celery 4                        Beet 3                 beet 3
                                                Parsley 4                        Coconut 2                      cucumber 3
                                                Spinach 4          
Thinning hair
            Carrot 9             Carrot 12
            Lettuce 4                        Alfalfa 4
Alfalfa 3
Sludge gall bladder
            Juice of 1 lemon in 8 oz. of hot water several times a day for 3-4 weeks
            Carrot 10                       carrot  10                       carrot  9             Carrot 11
            Spinach 6                       beet  3               celery    5                       Beet 3
                                                Cucumber  3                  Parsley 2                        Coconut 2

            Carrot 10                       carrot  10                       carrot  12                       Carrot 9
            Spinach 6                       beet  3               Parsley  4                       Fennel  7
                                                Cucumber  3

            Carrot 7
            Celery 4
            Parsley 2
            Spinach 3

Estrogen dominance ovarian cyst
            Beets     parsley               papaya (if severe bleeding w/o clots)

Fibroids (See also tumors)

chronic fatigue, EBV
                              Potassium broth:
Lymph nodes
Carrot 10                       carrot  10                       carrot  11
Spinach 6                       beet  3               beet 3
                                    Cucumber  3      coconut 3
Asparagus                      Carrots              carrot                carrot
                                    Lettuce              spinach              celery




  1. Hi there.
    Very good and interesting blog. I have Hashimoto and graves antibody to. It says that carrot is a 10. What does taht mean? That its good for me or to stay away from it? What about spinach?
    Thanks, Henrik

    1. It means 10 onces. Sorry, that somehow did not transfer. If you want more info regarding what you can do for Hashimotto you can contact me at partnersinhealing@gmail.com or read my book


  2. Hi Henri, each number represents ounces. I feel you can have any vegetable you want. The key to detoxification and reversal of disease process is fruit, fruit and fruit! We use herbs as well, but fruit is very important. If you would like to discuss this further, please email me at partnersinhealing@gmail.com


  3. Greetings to you !!!!! I have hypothyroidism, TSH 5.3 ... I have a problem with insomnia ... I used the juices and shakes with fruits and spinach, but it was even worse, that is. the less I slept ... I read that with hypothyroidism should not be used similar vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, because it does not allow the adoption of iodine ... What is your opinion? whether to use them or not, and how algae daily take? mostly I find information on 200 mg, and how is it then algae percent use kombu and wakame ... and Himalayan salt that has iodine same .... please help !!

    1. https://www.amazon.com/C-U-R-E-Cultivating-Unlimited-Rejuvenating-Energy/dp/1535426411/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1484571475&sr=8-1&keywords=Rosanne+calabrese


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